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Helping People Improve their Emotional Health and Wellbeing

We can all become unstuck in our lives whether we are 18 or 89.

Coming from a high stress and pressure business background, I am well aware how Modern Life can give us more opportunities than ever before but mental health issues are increasing and sometimes we stop living the lives we want to and that's where I can help.

As a senior therapist I can combine the the most common types of Talking Therapy to form a tailor made plan that gives you the warmth you want, with the pro-active nature you need. I have a motivational style which makes counselling something to look forward to, rather than fear.

In collaboration we can explore what's bothering you, find new ways of looking and dealing with things and allow you to start living your life again.

I am not restricted to a single set of counselling skills like many Counsellors which means a focus on finding solutions can be more quickly found.

 I have in depth experience in helping people deal with all manner of problems, ranging from loss to acute anxiety, but always endeavour to help build a new found style of thinking and feeling which can prevent future burn out, or simply allow you to be happy again and not be burdened by old worries and anxiety for instance.

Why not contact me via email to arrange a free 10 minute call to see if we can work together ? No obligation.


07399 003708

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